“My Date with Mermaid” – Cobikes unveil in Shenzhen

On July 8, Shenzhen Concept Wits Technology Co., LTD and Cobike Team jointly
sponsored the launch of "Luzui Villa + Cobike Intelligent Tour" project in the most
beautiful wedding photography paradise -- “Yangmei Keng” in Shenzhen.

Although it was a slight rain in the morning, that never stopped the passion and high
expectations for the upcoming Cobikes in the "Mermaid" movie scene.
For the first time users experienced Cobikes along the amazing Yangmei Hang beach.
This was really eye-catching and attracted a lot of attention among tourists.

In addition, the President of Luzhu Villa, Ye Xikuan, and the CEO of Cobike Team,
Zhang Qun Song attended the opening ceremony and both delivered speeches.
President Ye said that in the era of economic transportation-sharing, Shenzhen
Concept Wits Technology Co., LTD targets intelligent mobility and independent
innovation to achieve success. At the same time, Luzhu Villa as a tourist area is
always committed to improving consumers’ tour experience by providing flexible and
ease-of-use means of sightseeing.
The debut of cobikes is combined with the mobile Internet and the economy-sharing
philosophy to create a "hotel, scenic spot + ebike-sharing" innovative service model,
which is in the line to create a smart touring area.
Situated at the most eastern edge of the Shenzhen resort, Luzhu Villa features a
wetlands Park, Golden Deer Silver Beach, Golden Deer, Qixing Lake and many other
attractions, moon fishing crabs, outer island snorkeling, yacht trawl, speedboat surfing,
riding tours, bonfire barbecue Shellfish, fishing, mountain climbing, rock climbing
and other recreational projects, and all those are “First Choice” in holiday.

For the launch of Cobike, Zhang Qun Song, the CEO of Cobike Team, said that
Cobike team has been committed to R&D and innovation of intelligent mobility
technology for a long time. As the team grown up in the innovative city Shenzhen, we
have our own definition and attitude of innovation.
Bike-sharing is not just a cope of an old plan, but it has a goal to build a hi-tech
intelligent technology for urban lifestyle. Therefore our team and the ONEBOT team
spent more than a year in upgrading and finalizing the most intelligent Cobikes based
on the Onebot ebike. What’s more important, is the business model rather than blind
delivery and extensive management.
The Cobike team uses high technology, data management and other innovative
technologies to enhance users’ experience and find a sustainable way to develop
ebike-sharing market. Thanks to the common ground of development philosophies,
Cobike Team, Onebot Ebike and Luzui Villa team have together successfully
achieved cooperation at the right time, and we believe that the combination of the
innovative bike-sharing with tourist areas will bring a brand-new touring experience
to high and medium-end tourists especially to those young tourists attracted by
intelligent mobility.

As the deeper understanding, the " Luzui Villa-Cobike Intelligent Tour" project
provides "GPS + LBS + WiFi" triple positioning technologies & electronic fencing
methods, which allows users to pick up and return cobikes in the specific location in
order to avoid disorderly parking & vandalism.
We can scientifically and flexibly set up and modify the service networks by analyzing
big data on the platform. Moreover, by providing a mechanism for rewards & discount,
flexible distribution of Co-bikes, real-time monitoring of remaining ebike power and
battery status, we can provide accurate, scientific and efficient market management.
Furthermore, Cobike is based on the “Onebot” model with exclusive property rights
and invention patents. The Cobike is compact, lightweight and has a very unique and
hi-tech appearance, which meets the aesthetic taste of young people and coincides
with slogan of “you are cool, you are young". The sophisticated technological
configuration drives a much better experience for all users.
In today's rising tide of economy-sharing, Cobike is undoubtedly a sophisticated
technology with special character. The launch of “Luzui Villa - Cobike Intelligent
Tour" project sets up a great example for the mode of “bike sharing + hotel”. It is
believed that this mode will be successful and be quickly widespread both in the
domestic and overseas markets.
Cobike will always have the sharing spirit, with the attitude of open-minded and
mutual cooperation to achieve success with our business partners!

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