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Electric bikes compared: How to buy the best e-bike

Electric bikes compared: How to buy the best e-bike

Shopping for an electric bike but confused by the different styles? Our guide to the best e-bikes around helps break it down for you.

I've been putting some of the best examples to the test to help you work out what you need to consider before you splash your cash on a fancy new ride.
Even the humble bicycle hasn't escaped the clutches of modern technology. A whole herd of new e-bikes with electric motors are taking to our cities' streets. Adding a motor to a standard cycle does ramp up the price significantly, but it takes much of the effort out of cycling, making your commute to the office a sweat-free experience and allowing you to sit back and enjoy your suburban cruise.
First, think about what you need your bike for -- if it's just for a short city commute, in among traffic, then consider a smaller frame that's easy to manoeuvre through cars.

Onebot T2 has a similar compact style, with a frame that's easy to steer. The battery is removable too, allowing you to easily charge it up without having to move the whole bike near a wall socket.
If you're taking your bike inside, consider one that folds up. Onebot T2 has a motor in the rear wheel, which takes you up to speed either by assisting your pedalling, or you can sit back and use the throttle by itself. Its folding design makes it slightly easier to get in and out of a building, but its hefty weight means you still won't find it easy to carry onto public transport.

This Personal Transporter is a two-wheel electrically powered vehicle.
With a smart & strong 12 inch wheel, it conviniently bring you anywhere without effort, silent and pollution-free. 
This is a revolutionary ride-instead-of-walk and recreational scooter.Dual lithium batteries of ONEBOT T8 bike make it possible to run farther.  Dual rear brake system of ONEBOT T8 bike reduce accidents in emergency braking. Dual dampers of ONEBOT T8 bike give you a more comfortable riding experience  Folable frame, save space and portable ,City electric mobility T8 with Left & Right turning signal.
Finally,Regardless of what you choose, always keep safety in mind and never ride without a helmet.
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