Electric Bicycle Will Be The Best Gift In Christmas 2017

 News     |      2018-05-24 17:08

Swedish HUI research institute made an assessment based on the consumer behavior and sales data. Sweden's hottest Christmas gift is electric bicycles. The selected criteria are mainly include 3 points, innovative products, consumer markets, on behalf of modern society.

Electric Bicycle Will Be The Best Gift In Christmas 2017
Electric Bicycle Subsidies in Various Countries

With people's increasing awareness of the climate, and the pursuit of health, freedom, flexibility and comfort, electric bicycles are becoming the darling of people. In Europe, the preferential policy subsidies and increased environmental awareness make more people began to choose to use electric bicycles.

October 19, 2017 Sweden offers a 25% subsidy for electric bike purchases. The Sweden government will take out 350 million francs to encourage citizens to use 2 wheels electric vehicles from 2018 to 2020.  The allowance will be 25%, if the amount of the electric vehicles reach 10,000 francs. There are many European countries to follow the Swedish government's move, the British government has begun to discuss the use of subsidies to stimulate public purchase of electric bicycles.

While Finland is busy giving thousands of people a free $600 a month in a social experiment, the government of Oslo, Norway has announced it will give out twice that amount ---to help the environment. On February 1, Oslo’s government began offering residents a $1,200 credit to be used toward the cost.

French Government offers 200 Euros for the purchase of an electric bike. It is official for the purchase of an electric bike, the France government pays to individual and companies a 200€ grant, available until January 31st, 2018. This subsidy is equal to 20%of the APEL(the limit being 200€)

 Electric Bicycle Will Be The Best Gift In Christmas 2017

ONEBOT S6 and CES Show

In the coming Christmas, ONEBOT EBIKE family has added a new member ONEBOT S6. It stands out among the similar electric bikes with its unique and stylish design since it launched the market. In 9th - 12th Jan. 2018, ONEBOT BIKE will attend CES show in Las Vegas America. We are looking forward to see you there.

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