FIFA of E-bike Industry: A game of Snail Speed

 News     |      2018-07-20 17:03
Recently, ONEBOT ebike is showing up at 2018 Eurobike exhibition in Germany.

Frankly, each year Eurobike is vital for every cycling enthusiasts, whose zest is no less than FIFA lovers. There are thousands of visitors flocking into this exhibition to catch every moment of excellent design and performance from new Bicycles.

As you know, Eurobike, having the longest history among bicycle shows, can be traced back to 1991. It is the biggest summit of bicycles industry every year in Europe, and it leads the fashion of bicycles design and technology.

FIFA of E-bike Industry: A game of Snail Speed

Eurobike is well known by everyone in European Bicycles industry from MTB to RACING, Regular Bicycles to Electric ones. ONEBOT S6 is the best icon and design in the new generation electric mobility.

During past few years, ONEBOT made a great marketing achievement in Germany, Italy, Hungry, Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Norway etc. In this session of Eurobike, ONEBOT is more to visit old friends and clients.

FIFA of E-bike Industry: A game of Snail Speed

Before exhibition, ONEBOT is welcomed by a German factory who has more than hundreds of years history in Bicycles industry. All the workers are more than decades of experiences in Bicycles and they have agreed on anything during each craftsman. The machines and production lines in this German factory are more than 50 years, but they are still efficiently running and assembling.

In Germany, there are some 800 enterprises and shops with over a history over a century among the 3.5 million total. As the time pass by, most of the historical shops were replaced by the modernized industry. But the high-demanding craftsmanship can never be replaced. As people always say, stubborn and overcritical, this is German. ONEBOT is respected by them on designing and production, it is worthwhile.

During this visiting to Germany, ONEBOT is deeply influenced by the spirit and principal of the enterprises with hundreds of years history. Product quality and value are the most important for us, we are on the way to be a long and sustainable development company in Bicycles industry,

ONEBOT MANUFACTURE is the HIGH QUALITY, this is the our Centurial Dream in Electric Bicycles.

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