We have tested the Onebot Electric Mop - which can be collap

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Onebot T8
The Electric Vehicle Premium has accelerated the sale of electric bicycles. More and more people also discover the benefits of the electric motor. Onebot is a small elmoped according to EU class 2, meaning it does not need to be registered and you only need a driver's license. Top speed is 25 km / h.
Onebot is also foldable and weights only 20kg - with the smaller lithium battery. Onebot is sold with two different batteries - 8.7 Ah and 11.6 Ah. In addition, it is possible to place two batteries in the mop with the combinations 8,7 + 8,7 or 8,7 + 11,6. The range of the 8.7 battery is about 35 km and for the 11.6 battery the mop should be run for about 45 km on a charge.
It is therefore possible to get a total of closer to eight miles. Both batteries come from Panasonic.
We have tested the simplest version with a single 8.7 battery. The battery is charged when it is in place in the mop, so it is required that you have it parked near a 230 socket.
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Onebot T8
Easy to collapse
The little wheels make Onebot be a little witty and this is no moped that you want to drive very far with so often. A gauge on the handlebar shows how long you have left, but the meter has a simple algorithm and "thinks" that you should drive constantly as you do at any moment. This means that the range varies considerably. Full gas, the battery looks like it's running out of power, but as soon as you let go of the gas, then "recharge" again. But when you stand still, the current battery status is displayed.
You can easily collapse and separate Onebot and drag it behind you using a handle. Onebot does not get very small, but it's easier to keep. It's also good that both footsteps and steering can collapse. Onebot becomes narrower and easier to store in a stairwell, garage or corridor.
Or why not in the garage of a camper. Onebot will be perfect for the caravan holiday and, as the frame is powerful, you can easily put on a basket to drive home foods or water dumps.
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Onebot T8


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