The E-Bike Market Is Moving At Lightning Speeds

 News     |      2018-05-24 16:45
The E-Bike Market Is Moving At Lightning Speeds

The e-bike market initially grew very slowly as a direct result of limited technology and clunky, poor-looking designs.

A typical e-bike would weigh in excess of 30kg, assist you maybe ten miles (if you were lucky), and would, more often than not, be unreliable with very sketchy warranty support – all these things made bike dealers and consumers run a mile. Move forward ten years and a global consumer demand for battery technology to improve – mostly driven by the mobile phone market
– has now made it possible for e-bikes to achieve 60 to 100 miles on a single charge. Consumers demanded e-bikes which perform better, look better and are genuinely life-enhancing. It has always been our goal at ONEBOT to be the first to invest into the latest technology and to produce e-bikes that people would want to be seen on.
E-bikes are here to stay: that has become increasingly apparent in the last three years. For small businesses to achieve in this sector it is important to embrace the technology and take time to understand why consumers and businesses are choosing these over conventional cycles.

In terms of maximizing sales, the dealers that focus on selling one or two non-conflicting brands are the ones who do the best and sell the most. Consumers become uncertain when too many options are placed in front of them, especially given e-bikes quite often look very similar across brands. Because ONEBOT is an e-bike only manufacturer, they’ve been focusing on developing and improving e-bike tech for almost five years, and they not only invest heavily in our technology, they also invest heavily in their dealer channel. They like working with independent dealers because they know they can help them make the most of this market opportunity.

ONEBOT is doing what they have always done since their inception in 2013, they’re building high quality, reliable, stylish and sensibly priced e-bikes. They are constantly working hard and trying to make electric bikes better than the competition, by improving our technology and constantly pushing the boundaries of e-bike tech. This year they have just released our latest e-bike S6 with UNIQUE 3D designing and Magnesium alloyed soldering free frame.

The E-Bike Market Is Moving At Lightning Speeds

They’ve also continued to invest heavily into their relationship with Shimano, as they truly believe they make the best central crank motor system available. They obviously believe they’re doing things right as they kindly featured one of their e-bikes the “ONEBOT” on their stand at The Consumer Electronics Show CES (South Hall 1, Booth# 21562 ) Jan 9th-12th , 2018 in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, they continue updating their designs by adding to ever-growing range of electric bikes. 

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