How is a Onebot Electric Bike charged?

All Onebot Bikes come with a charger that plugs into standard wall outlets. Most batteries can be charged inside or outside the bike frame. The LED light on the charger will turn from red to green when the battery is fully charged. For more information check the User Manual that came with your bike or download it from the OnebotBike.com website.

How fast can a Onebot Electric Bike go?

Lots of different things can affect your Onebot Bike’s speed including road condition, weight of the rider, temperature, and charges on the battery. Your bike also has different speed levels that you can control. Max speed is limited according to EPAC regulation.

How far can a Onebot Electric Bike go?

There are many different variables that can affect max distance. Battery capacity, Road conditions, Rider’s weight Outside temperature and wind to name a few. Generally speaking, your range will increase at lower speeds. If your cruising at max speed your range will go down significantly. Check the specs on your bike to see max range.

Is my Onebot Electric Bike battery replaceable?

Yes. Replacing batteries is easy and usually use the key to open the battery lock or a normal screwdriver to open the cover. Replacement batteries are available on the Part & Accessories page on OnebotBike.com.

Is my Onebot Electric Bike device waterproof?

Your Onebot Bike is IPx4 water resistant, not waterproof. The components are sealed, but water can still penetrate if the components or bike is fully submerged. Be careful around water. Water damage is not covered under our standard warranty.