Who We Are

ONEBOT Ebike spares no effort to develop modified electric bicycles and accessories suitable for all kinds of people. Since itsestablishment in 2014, ONEBOT Ebike has been committed to making sports easier and solving mobility challenges through technology promotion.

History of ONEBOT E-Bike

In 2015, the first ONEBOT electric bicycle was born and received widespread attention. We not only hope to provide cyclists with a more effective commuting ability, but also a more enjoyable riding experience.

2015 witnessed the birth of the much-anticipated T8. The T8 product ID is initialized in 2 month of the current year. Our engineering team has confirmed the final design shape in 6 month. Then they created a prototype of the product in the first place. Product testing was completed as scheduled. Finally in August, our factory started mass production and quality assurance.

We will start shipments in Nov in 2015 and in batch shipments in 2016.

Unique Design

Every self-developed electric bicycle retains the appearance and sports attributes of a traditional bicycle under the premise of being extremely light. Taking into account the functionality of our products, most electric bicycles are equipped with a removable hidden battery, which is a safer lithium battery. In addition, the configuration of booster, brushless gear motor, high-efficiency vector controller and 7-speed gear ensures the stable performance of ONEBOT electric bicycle. As for portability, most electric bicycles are foldable and easy to carry, which undoubtedly improves the convenience of long-distance travel.

We have different series, more riding scene needs. The company's market territory covers more than 40 countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Italy, France, Australia, and China.

Customer Always Comes First

We are definitely not the first brand in the world to launch electric bicycles, but there is one fact that makes us proud-the electric bicycles we produce have always received the greatest satisfaction from customers. This achievement was achieved thanks to strict material selection, careful packaging during transportation and the unique design of our engineering team.

It is precisely because ONEBOT considers all customers, whether you are a photographer, programmer, architect, official, corporate clerk, athlete, student, new mother or driver, you can easily find the most suitable electric bicycle for you.

Our Vision

ONEBOT is committed to providing customers with a satisfying and pleasurable electric bicycle riding experience. Moreimportantly, our cyclists enjoy the pleasure of riding while also gaining the health advantages that follow.

We also pay close attention to the spiritual world of the riders who choose our products. No matter how the times change, the cultural belonging of returning to the traditional bicycle shape and the satisfaction of riding are irreplaceable.

In a sense, to control time is to control your own life. Electric bicycles produced by ONEBOT may be helpful when your life isoverwhelmed. In addition, with so many functions and stylish appearance, it may also be an intimate gift for your loved one.